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Certificates of merit awardedfor GIZ senior experts in climate change

Debriefing on Thursday, February 23, 2017 MBFP’s certificates of merit awarded by Nguyen Van Son – MBFP Vice Director to Severin Peter and Benjamin Hodick- GIZsenior technical advisers for their active contribution in integrated coastal management programme (ICMP) under the witnesses of the programme CTA, friends and colleagues.



Certificate of Merit awarded to Benjamin Hodick


Certificate of Merit awarded to Severin Peter


These seniortechnical advisers have shown their utmost efforts in supporting ICMP CPMU and PPMUs to meet the objectives of the programme phase 1 and scale up successful models in phase 2, bringing many benefits to the people of coastal provinces in Mekong Delta. Their contributions through a new concept of regional approach and communication networking in phase 2 really brought remarkable outcomes for project provinces.


MBFP highly appreciates the role of these advisers in organizing the consultation and assistance for the issuance of Decision No. 593/QD-TTg dated on April06, 2016 of the Prime Minister on piloting connectivity for Mekong Delta region socio-economic development in the 2016-2020 periodas a basis to promote inter-provincial and inter-regional coordination adapting to change climate in the coastal areas of Mekong Delta.


Benjamin Hodickexpressed his thanks for the support of MBFP and GIZ colleagues to accomplish his task. The experiences acquired while living and working in Vietnam, especially through activities that support people adapt to climate change are valuable for mycoming positions, he said. He hoped that MBFP increasingly asserted its reputation and the cooperation between the GIZ  and MBFP is getting more sustainable in the future.


The certificate of merit is deserved recognition for the contribution of these adivisers in implementing the ICMPobjectives ofboth phase 1 and phase 2, Son said. Son also like to extend thanks to the German government for its regular support as one of the most active donors for Vietnam in forestry development, environmental protection, adaptation to climate change and livelihoods at Mekong Delta. The achievedsuccess has contributed to strengthen bilateralrelations between the Government of Vietnam and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as multilateral cooperation between the Government of Vietnam andother governments and international organizations where GIZ works as a bridge. In the future, the German Government through GIZ shall continue sending more high qualificationexperts for effective assistance, helping Vietnam to implement internationalcommitments, strengthen Vietnam's prestige on the international forum on response to climate change and environmental protection, he desired.


The friends and colleagues sharing the joys


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