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MARD’s Vice Minister working with MBFP

On April 6th, Ha Cong Tuan, Vice Minister of MARD, VNFOREST and ICD have a working visit with Vu Xuan Thon, general director of MBFP and all his affiliated project’s directors.


MARD’s Vice Minister at the meeting 


As reported, MBFP assigned to manage 11 projects (6 loan and 5 grant). In the 1st quarter of   2016, MBFP mostly focused on forest care and site preparation such as delineation, demarcation, land handover filing, plant seeding and nourishing for 2016 afforestation crop. The regeneration and forest protection contracts with flat rate are well done locally achieving 100% annual plan of 2016. Forest care and land allocation to community achieved 50% of 2016 plan, and surely gained and excedeed at the end of the year.


All MBFP projects aim for the forestry sector development strategy, engaging to sector restructure, new rural developments in the context of climate change response, green and sustainable forestry through forest co-management, emission reduction in agriculture, policy formulation, technical capacity enhancement, REDD+ management and implementation at central and local levels. In addition, they also support VNFOREST and WRD in developing management policies for production forest and coastal forests, readiness responsive plans for 2 reservoirs at Thanh Hoa and Nghe An, forums and symposiums of Red River and Mekong Deltas. 


Thon presents implementation results of the 1st quarter


At the meeting, the concerns of limited awareness and fluctuated land resource for forestry development in the remote areas had been raised. Besides, the PPCs’ inadequate counterpart fund and human resource allocations seriously effected the project implementation progress and initial designed objectives.


Mr. Ha Cong Tuan appreciates the efforts that MBFP have shown so far for  implementing MARD’s steering directions; and MBFP’s concerns should be addressed step by step through relevant measures – said Tuan.


He urged MBFP to effectively implement investment projects and strictly follow financial regulations for going-to-end projects as agreed with donnors in project’s documents. The Board should improve its cooperation with MARD’s Departments and PPCs during the project implementations. MBFP should take initiative in working with MARD, MPI, MOF, calling for new proposals and new investment projects, especially for climate change adaptation.

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