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KfW Entwicklungsbank

We are Germany is leading development bank and are an integral part of KfW Bankengruppe. Our 650 personnel, of which about 190 are specialists in our local offices, cooperate with partners all over the world. Our main client is the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

We also work for other ministries, such as the Federal Foreign Office (AA), the Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Reactor Safety (BMU) or the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The European Commission and the governments of other countries also commission us to implement their development cooperation programmes and projects.

In large part, the requisite funds for the promotion of developing countries are allocated to us from the federal budget. As much as we can, however, we increase federal government funds ourselves by raising additional resources on the capital markets and deploying these for German development and climate protection finance. This capital does not just benefit our partners worldwide, because we are much more than just an ordinary bank: Our financial know-how is matched by our long-standing development-policy expertise. The women and men who work with us bring their know-how from diverse disciplines to bear every day in dialogue with our local partners, but also in advice to the Federal Government.

Gearing Our Operations to the Needs of Our Partners

We help the Federal Government to implement its goals in international cooperation with developing and emerging countries and gear our operations to their needs and those of their populations. We support our development and climate protection projects worldwide over the long term with our extensive development experience. Together with other countries, the organisations of the international community and local institutions, we help people in developing and emerging nations to make lasting improvements to their basic conditions of life and to protect the climate.

Like KfW Bankengruppe as a whole, our activities are guided by values to which we are committed and we translate these into our daily work with partner countries. Humanity, responsibility, market economy, sustainability and tolerance are the yardsticks we measure ourselves against. We act in the interests of Germany in several ways, because the programmes and projects of Financial Cooperation do not just help to solve specific problems and overcome poverty; they also give rise to diverse personal and economic relations and partnerships that go beyond the confines of development cooperation.

Recognised Competencies

We can draw on internationally recognised expertise in all development-policy issues, but we attach special priority in our work to environmental and climate protection, financial sector development and the water sector. We support the use of renewable energies and programmes for raising energy efficiency. We promote programmes and projects in water supply, but also sanitation and waste management as well as ecological transport schemes. We advise partner countries in developing viable financial systems and support them in effectively integrating advanced financial sectors into international capital markets. We also help them with expert advice in setting up microfinance institutions and development banks. With these programmes and projects, we contribute to the sustainable improvement of the conditions of life of the population and to environmental and climate protection. As attested by our commitments of about 2.7 billion euros for climate and environment in 2011 alone, making up 60 per cent of total funding, we already operate as an environmental and climate bank.

Development issues are complex and our partners have very diverse needs, so our capabilities are of course also in demand across the gamut of developmental themes. Social infrastructure, for example, plays a key role in direct poverty reduction. Of foremost importance for us is education and health. We plan urban development programmes/projects to account for poverty and climate protection. With municipal development funds, we promote target-group investments and strengthen decentralised decision-making and governance. In Financial Cooperation altogether, we carry out 1,900 programmes and projects in more than 100 countries.

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