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Application procedure demo

This section gives you useful information about our application procedure. We only accept applications submitted via our online system. Please submit your application in either German or English.
Uploading documents
Along with the completed online application form, we require a covering letter, your CV and references and certificates. Please upload these as attachments via the system.
When uploading documents please note:
File size:
a total upload of 10 MB per application
individual documents must not exceed 1MB (covering letter and photo) or 2 MB (CV and all other files)
File types:
CV, covering letter, other files: only doc, docx, pdf, odt
Photo: only png, gif, jpg
We cannot process zip files or any file formats not listed above.
Any applications you have saved but not yet submitted will appear on your status page under ‘Applications in progress’. For security reasons, you will need to reattach your documents before you send this application.
Online application form
Allow yourself sufficient time to fill in the online application form and make sure you answer all the questions fully. Have all the documents you will need to hand (e.g. current CV and covering letter). Ensure that you fill in all the mandatory fields. These are marked with an asterisk (*). We will only be able to see your application once you have submitted it (by clicking ‘Confirm’ and ‘Submit’). Only then will it be included in the selection process for the vacancy in question.
Submitting your application
Once you have submitted an application, you can no longer make any changes. Please note that attachments cannot be modified once submitted.
Saving your application and coming back to it later
You can exit your applicant account at any time (click ‘Save’ and ‘Close’) and continue filling in your application later. All the information you have saved can be viewed on your status page under ‘Applications in progress’. Only you can access the information in your applicant account. This information and any uploaded documents will only be sent to GIZ when you submit your application.
Confirmation of receipt
Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an email confirming receipt. This message is generated automatically and should arrive within a few minutes. This confirms that your application has been received by our application management system. If the email is not in your inbox, please check your spam folder. If there is no email from GIZ there either, double-check that you submitted the application (by clicking ‘Confirm’ and ‘Submit’).
Up-to-date vacancies
We only advertise vacancies on the website that we have not yet filled. The job pages are therefore always up to date. Please ensure that you check the deadlines for applications.
Job alerts
Sign up to our job alerts service to receive emails about current vacancies that meet your search criteria (combination of region and subject area).
Job minder
Use the job minder to save individual job ads on your status page. You can still call these up even after the deadline for applications. This means that you can always access the job ads you are interested in directly. When the deadline for submitting applications is closed, you will be sent a notification that applications will no longer be accepted.
Anyone who is interested in working for GIZ can submit a speculative application or apply for a specific vacancy. We offer posts for trainees, interns, graduates, experienced professionals and managers, and limited-term employment options.
Hearing from us
If you have applied for a specific post, we will contact you as quickly as possible, either by telephone or email. Please wait for us to get in touch with you.
If you submit a speculative application, we will contact you if we have a specific vacancy that matches your qualifications.

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