Thứ ba, 12-12-2017


  •    More than 7 million people in the Mekong Delta are better protected against the effects of climate change as a result of the contribution by ICMP.
  •    ICMP contributes to better protecting 720 kilometres of the Mekong Delta’s coastline against extreme weather events like storms and floods. This is expected to make more than 3.5 million people in coastal districts safer against the impacts of climate change.
  •    The programme developed feasibility studies, which serve to directly prepare for investments of EUR 110 million, which are currently being prepared, especially with regard to coastal protection.
  •    ICMP supported the development of a pilot regulation on regional coordination in the Mekong Delta, which was approved by the Prime Minister. The regulation is expected to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of climate policies and investment in 13 Mekong Delta provinces.
  •    ICMP supported the development of a coastal forest policy. The policy includes the planting of 46,000 hectares of new coastal forest by 2020 which will provide ecosystem services worth approximately USD 102 million annually, as well as carbon sequestration of around 13.2 million tons of CO2 equivalent, which is equivalent to around 2.7 million cars driven for one year.
  •    The programme has successfully introduced T-shaped breakwater fences to Viet Nam, which in some sites stop erosion rates of up to 30 metres per year and in other sites have restored up to 180 metres of land that had been lost to the sea. This new land consists of mud flats where mangroves and other plants can grow.
  •    ICMP implemented 25 livelihood models for 10,800 households, benefitting around 43,000 people. The livelihood models reduced environmental pressures and increased household incomes by 20-80 per cent. 
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