Thứ ba, 12-12-2017

Working areas

ICMP works in six interlinked working areas, each of them of crucial importance to the coastal area of the Mekong Delta: agriculture, aquaculture, coastal protection, forest, planning & budgeting and water management.

 In agriculture, we support farmers to cope with climate change, to get more income and to protect the environment.

 With regard to aquaculture, we strengthen the aquaculture industry in the Mekong Delta and reduce its impact on natural resources.

 Our efforts in coastal protection focus on strengthening the coastline to make it ready for extreme weather.

 We use the power of forests to protect the land against climate change.

 Planning & budgeting focuses on including coastal protection and climate change in provincial socio-economic development plans and budget plans.

 In water management, our objective is to enable informed decisions on water and irrigation management due to new technologies and partnerships.

cá koi, ca koi nhat ban, ca koi viet may loc be ca thiet ke thi cong ho ca koi dep