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Key achievements

Thứ hai, 14/12/2020 | 00:00 GMT+7

GLX During project implementation since August 2015, SNRM project implemented various activities under each component, including forest management and livelihoods development activities. The casebook and case studies present some of the project achievements to share its lessons learned with relevant stakeholders. We hope this will be a valuable source of reference for planning and implementation of similar activities in other areas.   


  1. SNRM Casebook - Towards sustainable natural resource management in Vietnam
  2. Case study on community-based forest management in Hoa Binh
  3. Case study on sustainable income generation from beekeeping in Hoa Binh
  4. Case study on mixed planting of Acacia and native species in Hoa Binh
  5. Case study in PFES impacts on forest management in Son La
  6. Demonstration models of fruit tree and fodder grass planting in Son La
  7. Replication of the use of improved cooking stoves in Son La
  8. Case study on beekeeping in Dien Bien
  9. Case study on boundary planting in Lai Chau
  10. Case study on forest patrolling in Lai Chau
  11. Case study on improved cooking stoves in Dien Bien
  12. Case study on PFES use for forest management in Dien Bien
  13. Case study on watermelon farming in Lai Chau


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